About Her

Well, quite frankly I’m surprised you want to know. Don’t complain to me if you get bored. My name is Lexie. I’m young, married but maybe not as grown-up as you might expect. I write for various publications online and in print. Not everything I write gets published. This is where the blog comes in. Here, I can publish the unpublishable and have conversations with myself to cheer myself up about this state of affairs. And get feedback (good and bad) from you.

I will be asking myself questions that I have previously only skirted over – I’m a little worried that I’ll find out I have no substance and am merely made of air and hair dye. I will also be blogging about being lover of needle craft (I knit voodoo dolls and scarves. I also sew, darn and embroider), Halloween and Pin-Up style.

Just in case you are wondering about the name of this blog, it is my happy place (cue Magic Roundabout theme music). Whenever the world is getting to me, I just mentally sink to the ocean floor and commune with the fishes. And so what if I do?

Let’s get cracking, shall we?



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